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To me, these people are really artist...

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PAYBACK TMNT fancomic FULL VIEW! by LiyuConberma

It's short, but the structure of each page is quite solid. The flow of the story isn't interrupted by disordered panel. I have no comme...


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I'm Naruto trash, Harry Potter trash, TMNT trash, SU trash and Undertale trash...

December 2014: FoxKid1302 by dragonricca for The senses
Warning: Turtlecest, language, dub-con (kind of), bondage. Read at your own risk.
I had a fight with him... again.
Things wouldn't be so bad if I could keep a distance from him and take his verbal assault. I had no trouble dealing with a screaming mass of anger and energy. What's unnerving me was how our distance reduced as the argument escalated, to the point Raph invaded my personal space. I just had to stood there and held my ground, taking up his challenge like a leader should, despite my nervousness. That's a mistake I always failed to correct. I've never admitted to anyone that I was afraid of my hothead brother. I couldn't. Not because of his brute strength or his temper, but of his touch. I still felt the blazing heat on my shoulders and plastron, where his hands were not very long ago as he shoved me back. It eventually settled in my stomach, and from there going south.
I was not as noble as my family thought I was. I trained everyday, meditated every night to keep thes

February 2014: FoxKid1302 by dragonricca for The sound of silenceSummer in New York could be a little less than appealing. The scorching heat drove people away from the street just as much as winter, and the smoke from cars and factories became even more suffocating. To the citizens of the big apple, a busy day drowning in work seemed to be bearable as long as they got to stay indoor, with air conditioner and cooled drinks to sooth them. However, to some 'other' citizens, it wasn't always that pleasant.
"...Ugh... hhggg... soooo... hooot..."
"For the last time, Mikey, shaddap! Ya make it even worse for all of us." Raph clenched his fist, but didn't find the strength to lift his face off the dining table.
"I can't help it if it's burning down here." The orange clad turtle groaned. "The generator can't choose any lousier time to go out on us."
"We endure this as much as you do, but you don't see us whining." Leo calmly sipped on his tea.
Don's been busting his shell trying to fix their limited power source, but the back-up generator just wasn't as goo

1stplace by EnsoDancer for Around the clock by FoxKids1302
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It just came to my attention lately, that some people whose name I will not mention, went on a fit about the concept of "Sharing", especially on Deviant Art. This already happened in the past and caused a lot of embarassment, so I think I should make it clear to avoid confusion in the future.

Deviant Art's "Sharing" feature consists of several buttons on the top right of your submission, allowing people to click on them and share your pieces via Note, Facebook, Tumblr, Tweeter and so on. When a fan clicks one of them, your pieces will be "featured" on their respective page, with a link to the original automatically provided AND embled in the piece itself. This is called REBLOG. Note that the new post on their page is still linked to the original piece, so any change you make on it will also be applied to the linked post. For example, you decide to put watermark on, it will also appear on the other posts, or it you disable the Sharing buttons, the posts on other sites will also vanish.

On the other hand, if someone downloads your pieces, and then posts it to their pages, then even when they put a link on the piece, it won't have the link embled to it, and this is called REPOST. In this case, any change on the original won't appear on the reposted piece, since it's a separate, independent copy.

I know a person who loves to put things from DA onto their Tumblr. In the past they also had a reputation for reposting. But since a lot of artists complained, they had switched to reblog instead. This doesn't make people any happier, since those "accursed" buttons are still there as DA's default feature, allowing that person to share the art.

I want to make this perfectly clear to everyone, fans and artists alike, so they won't be upset when they see a piece they recognize on that person's blog, or anyone else's for that matter. Know that I'm against repost with a passion, but I also don't want to accuse someone of something they weren't aware about.

Bottom line, if you want people to share your art the legal way, you can leave those buttons on. If not, follow the instruction provided here Anti-theft Publishing options Guide by FoxKid1302 to turn them off. That way you'll know for sure if your work is reposted or reblogged.

If you want to accuse someone of something, you need to at least have a proper knowledge and leverage about the matter, right?


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